Twice the goodness

​2 lb - $16

Early Summer Honey is FINALLY here!!!!!


Meadows Fa​rm Honey

​1 lb goodness-$9

Our approach is different from most.  Rather than spending energy on blending and trying to make each year’s honey similar to a previous year, we prefer to concentrate on the best nature has to offer in flower blooms that year.  Thus each year's honey will be a reflection of that year caught "in a bottle"-talk about "Terroir"!  For those with allergies, that also means capturing each year's pollens in every jar. You will also notice slight differences in color between each jar as each hive produces a slightly different color honey.  Our honey is truly artisanal. We also don't fine filter or pasteurize.  We will also never sell you honey produced by other's under our label, an all too common beekeeper practice! Unfortunatly, that means we occasionally run out of honey before the next season's harvest.  So if you enjoy our product, you may want to stock up!.