-Bee Crisp & fresh- What a beautiful soap!  Elegant swirls on the inside and a beautiful                               pattern on top.   To top it of a wonderful fresh, clean fragrance like walking on a mountain top in the morning!

​-Elegant Sandalwood- Lovely cream with a rich golden sprinkled top.  Light sandalwood scent.

-Bee Spicy 2- Rich spices in this scent scent in a simple 2 toned design

-Bee Bamboo'ed- like walking in a bamboo forest mixed with ginger.​ With Tapioca pearls for a mild exfoliant

-Bee Chocomint- Like a yummy chocolate mint that you would find on your pillow!

-Bee Lavender- Like walking through a field of lavender!. Heavenly!

Bee Java'ing

Have you ever read the ingredients on a bar of soap?  If you ever have, it seems like a chemical experiment!  Our soaps are made of simple ingredients olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil or palm kernel oil, almond oils, kukui nut oil Etc.  Simple, luscious lather gentle on your skin.  AND THEY SMELL GREAT!  Generously sized-$5 each

Bee the Forest

Meadows Fa​rm Honey

Bee My Apple

Lip Balm

Soaps-this is a list of some of our soaps. See below for current available soaps.

Available in:  see soap above for descriptions


-Bee Noir

Bee My Lemon Pie

Tired of dry, cracked skin.  Especially in our desert climate! Once you try these, you will never go back to another type of hand lotion again.  Made of all natural materials with no chemical preservatives, the lotion quickly absorbs into your skin.  The beeswax will ensure that the lotion stays on your skin even through repeated hand washing, thereby continuing to condition your skin.

$ 5 Each

Great lather, moisturizing and great scents.  What more could you want in a shaving bar?    Beautiful wooden bowl with natural bristled shaving brush (your choice of shaving soap scent from below) 

Made with all naturals oils, no petroleum based.  They will leave your lips soft all day long.  Lightly flavored with lemongrass and tangerine oils.

Luscious Lotion Bars

-Bee the Forest-It's like Walking in a Spruce and Pine forest.  Rich, deep, clean.

Bee Fresh

Luscious Shaving soap

Beautiful kit $20     Replacement soap bars $5

Currently Available:​​

-Bee My Apple: Delicious apple  with cinnamon and spice.  You may just want to take a bite!

Lotion Bars $5 each OR

$7 with carrying tin case

-Bee Lavender

-Bee Spicy 2

-Bee Bamboo'ed

-Bee Forest Rain

​​​Try one of our wonderful scents:
-Rose: timeless
-Minty Fresh: mint and eucalyptus,fresh cooling and clean. Unisex scent
-Sandalwoodsoft unisex sandalwood
-Garden: wonderfully floral without being too sweet
-Summer Bloom: Blossoms of lilac & lavender are the main scents in this bar
-Spring Breeze: one of our stronger scents
-Island: coconut, lime with hints of verbena and vanilla,
​-Earl Gray: Bergamot, chamomile with a lemon background. A real pick me up!
​-Autumn: clean blend of mild herbs, falling leaves and clean fresh air.

-Bee the Spice- a beautiful two toned Goat's milk soap. Moisturizing and nourishing, goat milk contains lactic acid which helps keep skin smooth by naturally exfoliating skin. Goat milk also contains vitamins A, D and B6. Scented in a balanced spicy blend with a subtle orange hint

-Bee My Lemon Pie: Beautiful 2 layered soap.  Really looks like a lovely slice of pie.  Lovely refreshing fizzy lemon scent-very refreshing!

-Bee Forest Rain: Rainy green forest with floral accents, clean/fresh

-Bee Java'ing- A decadent mocha blend of rich cocoa, espresso and creamy vanilla with notes of caramel.  With rich moisturizing jojoba oil and cocoa butter.

-Bee Sophisticated- soft floral with citrus overtones.